Vacation School To Begin: 02/16/2020 – 02/22/2020

“Jackson, it was a soggy froggy beginning of the week!”

“It sure was Nilla.”

“Those frogs can certainly make a racket!”


“Not sure they’re the glass frogs, it sounds as though there are at least three different varieties.”

“Bugs bring out frogs and geckos.”

“Like the cute one on the living room blind.”


“I’d say the focus this week has been the computer lab at school.”

“The fiber hadn’t been installed by Monday, therefore no teaching anything on the computer which was unfortunate as there are nineteen students on the list.  The Ts also have made it clear that what is going to be offered is more a typing class than an introduction to computers.”

“Didn’t seem to matter much, there was still a lot of interest after the fiber was successfully installed on Tuesday afternoon.”

“So that left time back in San Clemente for the Ts to make deviled eggs, popovers and fish chowder – a busy week in the kitchen Nilla.”

“The Ts first ride on the more sophisticated version of the tricimoto – windshield and all!”

“Oh and don’t forget the special visitors to Ensendada del Pacifico!”

“Yes, of course.  The production crew for House Hunters International  – I did forget.”

“We stayed out of their way – it was easy for the Ts because they were in school during most of it.”

“Yup, the fiber was finally installed and reasonable speed for the computers, so first day of typing class was Wednesday.”

“Tio Eduardo had his own class so the Ts were in the computer lab by themselves with the students, which was a bit confusing as they didn’t have the sign up sheet to see who should be there.”


“Nilla, the students enjoyed using the computers and typing but they really don’t do well keeping focused on the screen and the program so the Ts made covers for the keyboards and you know, some of the students wanted to use them.”

“Jackson, it was scary though when on Thursday morning there was a fire in one of the computers.”

“It was under control immediately!  Three new computers, one down, and multiple non-functioning monitors – in one of them was an ant nest!”

“That’s how it is – insects can get into the lab and who knows what happens next.  Good that they are building a new computer lab that will have glass windows and air conditioning.”

“Friday at school was crazy!  It seemed as though more students were coming and asking to be a part of the typing class – and there are not enough computers for all of them – parents are even coming to ask if their child can be enrolled.”

“Tia Rosita came by and was pleased with the students’ enthusiasm and is planning to purchase some headsets so students can use the computers to reinforce English lessons.”

“The lab needs equipment and I know Nilla that the Ts will do all they can to help them get the equipment they need.  They also need a computer class curriculum besides using the lab for typing and English.”

“Friday was fun too.  After school back to Ensenada del Pacifico.  Aventurero and his friend came for a visit – great to see them.”

“They got to see one of the places the Ts are considering for a rental later this year, Marrisol, and had a nice walk through town followed by a fabulous dinner at Dona Castillo.”

“Should we mention Carnival Jackson?”

“Why not?”

“Well it certainly wasn’t crazy on Saturday afternoon, they were just starting to set up the stage.  And, very few vendors.”

“Tonight Nilla – the parade and crowning of the queen.’

“I’m not staying up for that Jackson – we’ll have to see what is going on when we go for a walk Sunday afternoon.”

“Plus there’s a birthday party back at Ensenada del Pacifico and the Ts are bringing deviled eggs.”

“Tomorrow we’ll check to see what’s going on in the center of town – certainly not as much craziness as there was by now in Crucita last year.”

“Maybe that’s a good thing Nilla.”


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