Carnival and Conclusion of Vacation School: 02/23/2020 – 02/29/2020

“It was a very quiet start to the week for the Ts Jackson.”

“It certainly was considering Carnival was going on.”

“The very busy plan for later in the week was back to school on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Then on Thursday afternoon over to Mussol to show the owner and his family how to make dessert popovers. On Friday night, after the last day of school heading to Crucita for a graduation party.”

“Yes, it was a busy week, but we’ll get to that later Nilla.”

“So, Sunday afternoon lots of food vendors as well as ones selling clothes items, sunglasses, trinkets and foam canisters – of all sizes!”

“But not too much ‘bulla’ and performers on the stage.”

“Lots of people though.”

“There was minimal water throwing – mostly at cars and other people throwing water – throw and get wet in return!”


“Monday was a different story – the Ts got ‘egged’, not intentionally but just happened to be standing by someone who was the target and…..”

“And yuck, yoke!”

“Good thing they were close to Mussol and were able to use the washroom to clean up!”

“But it’s all in fun – really Nilla!”

“It was great that they went to Mussol, because it began to drizzle.  Mussol had entertainment, a retired professional guitar player that played wonderful Ecuadorian songs from the sierra.”


“It was a wonderful evening away from the goings on in the streets – that is until the downpour came and pushed people inside.”

“That brought the evening to a close for the Ts.”

“The frogs certainly weren’t singing the blues – they were singing joyous songs of praise to the rain and mud!”

“Should we mention the stock market back in the US?”

“Nilla, it was bound to ‘correct’ – the corona virus has had an impact but certainly not totally to blame.  The Ts have and adviser managing things for them.”

“Carnival was pretty much wrapped up by Tuesday – a few people were still in town – lots of trash everywhere, piled up on corners in boxes and bags.”

“There was mud most everywhere too from last evening’s rain.”

“Wednesday was not as busy as expected at the school, perhaps because of Carnival.”

“Thursday was supposed to be ‘mussoles’ making day at Mussol but they had a change in plan which was fine with the Ts, tired after a long day at school.”

“Jackson, they had an important discussion with Tia Rosita, the director about suggestions for organizing a volunteer program as well as some enhancements for the school’s website.”

“Nilla, the school needs some assistance with computer lab equipment, musical instruments and even tournament quality chess sets!”

“Yes, it seems as though the original area of the school’s classrooms needs to be rewired – an expensive task which leaves little room in the budget for ‘wish list’ items.”

“If folks don’t know what the school needs, it’s difficult to help.”

“That’s why Jackson, the Ts want them to have a list on the school’s web page.”

“So, what did you think about Thursday night?”

“What about Thursday night?”

“It woke us up Nilla.”

“Oh yes, thunder echoing off building walls and mountain sides and lightening flashing and pounding rain.”

“No running water on Friday morning, the last day of school!”

“The Ts are very resourceful Jackson.  Bottled water to brush the teeth and moisten wet wipes for basic face washing and hygiene care.”

“Be prepared!”

“They took a taxi to get around the ‘ponds’ on Avenida Quito, the frogs joyous once again.”

It was still raining on the way to school, the double sided tape, log sheets and a list of computer lab rules to present to Tio Eduardo were tucked safely in a plastic bag.

“What’s the double sided tape for Nilla?’

“To keep the ants out of the monitors, a second monitor had a nest!”

“Some of the students were happy about the progress evaluation planned for the class on Friday – but others not so much.”



“Most of them were able to complete the first fifteen lessons satisfactorily – the basic ‘eight’ on the keyboard home row, which isn’t bad for such a short course.”

“The Ts were presented with recognition T-shorts at an assembly in the auditorium. Clever of them, don’t you think, since we call them the Ts – one for each of us.”


“Not our size Jackson!”

“But they certainly complement my complexion Nilla.”

“But Jackson, it was an adventure, the first ride in a combinacion!”

“The combinaciones are pickup trucks that are taxis that carry passengers and freight – that’s why they are called combinations.”

“They cost a little more Jackson, but it’s an option nonetheless.”

“Did you notice the lamp posts with festive lights and the new recycle containers that look more like red mailboxes Nilla?”


“I did but did you notice what isn’t there Jackson – apparently those complaining about the one-way malecon and no beach side parking won out – the signs are gone!

“It doesn’t make sense to me – all that expense.”

“Not sure who is really in charge of making changes in Crucita.”

“I don’t miss the bus dust and noise when you’re eating or trying to hold a conversation Nilla.”

“I’m kinda glad we’re in San Clemente and it looks as though will be staying at Ensenada Del Pacifico again later this year – in a different unit though.”

“That’s fine with me, we’ll have some more fun.  The Ts are going to volunteer at the school only two days a week not three which leaves more time for us!  Ha!”

“Seeing Aventurero at Ramblas was fun, but the graduation party was just beginning by the time the Ts taxi arrived to take them home – certainly a long day.”


“Saturday was a ‘nothing in particular’ planned day.”

“But the Ts whipped up the last batch of deviled eggs to distribute to friends here Jackson.”


“We’re bringing egg containers with us when we return in October, improvising has been challenging!”

“You’re right Jackson, we need to start working on that list again – ‘Things to bring to Ecuador’.”

“Sounds like full luggage, between personal stuff and school items!”

“Will have to wait and see.  Careful packing essential.”

“Essential is the word Nilla.”

“They are leaving some things behind in a large plastic container so that is a good thing Jackson.”

“Exciting to think we’ll be back in Ecuador towards the end of October – and Aventurero too, but he’ll be staying in Crucita.”

“Let’s hope they work on the Crucita portion of that road past the ‘under construction’ super mercado.”

“It would make it so much easier to travel between San Clemente and Crucita.”

“Any ideas what our week ahead looks like Jackson?”

“Making ‘mussoles’ on Sunday and perhaps one last trip to Montecristi.”

“And one more ‘lupper’ at Kobe for sushi?”

“Vamos a ver as they say here.”

“Hey, Jackson, your Spanish is getting better.”



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