The Last Full Week in Ecuador (This Trip): 03/01/2020 – 03/07/2020

“It’s been an interesting week Nilla.”

“Yes, it has, particularly with the weather, and conditions on Avenida Quito – either dust, the toads are happy or mud, the frogs are happy.”

“It certainly was a particularly laarrrgge toad by the gate.”


“What did you think about the ‘mussoles’  experiment at Cafe Mussol Sunday?”

“More than four hours there.  The batter is perfect, the flavor delicious but the popover mussoles kept sticking to the bottom of the pan.”


“Jackson, the oven at the cafe is designed for pizza and it’s possible that the stone shelves in the oven are just getting too hot.”

“There was a significant temperature difference between the top and bottom shelves too.  So what’s the plan now Nilla?”


“See if we can find racks that will allow for air flow within the oven.”

“So no mussoles on the menu officially yet.”

“Unfortunately not!”

“Our last trip to Montecristi on Wednesday was fun.”

“Stopping at our favorite pastry shop, Mia Delizia – no calories there.”

“Nope, not a one Nilla.  Don’t forget stopping by Kobe in the Mall del Pacifico for some sushi.”


“I wonder if they deliver to San Clemente Jackson?”

“Not a chance!”

“Jackson, the first case of Coronavirus-19 confirmed in Ecuador this week and at week’s end thirteen cases all linked to an Ecuadorean woman residing in Spain who flew into Guayaquil..”

“The coronavirus-19 is spreading globally with cases of people not having known contact with an infectious source.”

“It is alarming. Arriving and departing passengers in the airports are receiving fliers about routine precaution measures and there was even an Ecuadorian government issued alert through cell phones Sunday afternoon.”

“We’re no where near where she and her family are Nilla.”

“And when we travel back to the U.S. we’ll exercise precaution, use wipes – the ones we bought at Tia in Rocaforte on Saturday, and wash hands frequently, don’t touch the face, keep away from those with cough or nasal symptoms and use hand sanitizer.”


“That’s the best we can do.”

“Other than a pleasant trip to Crucita on Saturday, the remainder of the week has been spent organizing and getting ready for our return trip – a large plastic box to stay in the bodega here, until our return in October and two backpacks friends will store at Ensenada del Pacifico.”


“Nilla, it was fun seeing Aventurero, Guardagatos and Norest Grump.”

“It certainly was.  Sounds like Aventurero, Guardagatos and some other friends will be off on an adventure of their own next week Jackson.”

“Hope he sends pictures!”

“I’m sure he will.”

“It’s time to return to the United States but I’m going to miss Ecuador Nilla.”

“Me too, but the Ts already have tickets for our return.  We’ll be back at the school, writing stories, traveling in country…”

“Wow, a lot to look forward to.”

“Sure is but they have a list of things to do when they arrive back in New England.”

“It’ll get done.”

“What happens if we get quarantined?”

“Nilla, don’t even think it!!!  We haven’t been exposed.”




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