Packing and Leaving San Clemente: 03/08/2020-03/11/2020

“Nilla, Ecuador’s coronavirus-19 cases continue to rise slowly – fourteen by the time we leave San Clemente.”

“But Jackson, remember that none were near where we were.  But nonetheless using the hand sanitizer wipes when traveling is a good idea.”

“According to the CDC, there still is no need to wear masks unless one were sick.”

“Sine the Ts couldn’t find any sanitizing wipes in San Clemente, stopping in Rocaforte on the way to Crucita on Saturday became necessary.”

“What I thought was amazing was the Saturday market – huge!”

“Fruits, vegetables, meat, cheese, nuts, and clothing, you name it, it was there!”

“We need to remember that when we return in October Nilla.”

“I won’t forget it!”

“It was great to see our friends in Crucita on Saturday too – and Neiser’s open-air lounge space is delightful!”

“A success for sure Jackson.  It was wonderful seeing Aventurero again – and the Ts gave him some wipes for his return trip.  He’s leaving on March 24th.”

“Our time here seemed to have been so short Nilla.  And that’s why the Ts are going to arrange for the prorroga to extend our stay when we return!”

“On Sunday, daylight saving time began, there was no need to change clocks in San Clemente but important to remember once back home.”

“We don’t want to be late for anything!”

“The Ts don’t have any appointments until April, Jackson – so being late won’t be an issue.”

“Our last sunset in San Clemente was spectacular, we got to relax a bit before Marcelo came to pick us up at 7:15 PM.”

“Flight to Quito and connecting with the shuttle to the Wyndham seamless.”

“Up early on March 11th, no breakfast for the Ts at the hotel, but they did have a nice breakfast at the airport, Nilla.”

“What I found impressive was all the shopping opportunities on the way to the gate – even that early in the morning!”

You would find that impressive, Nilla.   I call it expensive!”

“Wasn’t Diana at migracion gracious as we left the country – she said she’d assist us with the prorroga process when we return, Nilla.”

“Jackson, that mural in the international waiting area in the Mariscal Sucre Airport was a masterpiece, capturing history, folklore, the varied landscapes of Ecuador’s regions – comprehensive.”

“The airport in Panama City was really busy – the Ts had plenty of time to walk around, grab some coffee and people watch.”

“There sure were a lot of people wearing masks and gloves.”

“Did you notice the coffee shop, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, was selling masks?”


“Not only that, passengers wearing masks and gloves were touching ‘things’ and then touching the mask, the face and obviously thinking that this would keep them ‘safe’.”

“Nilla, it was absolutely crazy!”

“Jackson, what I couldn’t understand was the lack of Covid-19 signage at Terminal E in Logan Airport.”

“The Ts were cautious – using gloves and the sanitizer wipes.”

“It is certainly nice to be home again – and face the projects that the Ts talked about before leaving Ecuador.”

“Nilla, the Ts were warned about the changes here – apparently people are consumed with Corvid-19.”

“How bad could it be Jackson?”


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