The Invasion – The New Normal – Chapter Three

03/27/2020 – 04/02/2020

“Big goings on the beginning of this week!”

“Yes, let’s see if we can list them Nilla.”

“Well, on Friday, Trump signed the 2.2 trillion dollar CV-19 relief package, and Baker announces self-quarantine request for fourteen days for anyone coming into the state.”

“Don’t forget that Trump had to evoke the Defense Protection Act to get General Motors to manufacture needed ventilators.”

“I know, too bad that he had to do that.”

“Don’t forget either that Baker extended the state income tax deadline from April 15th to July 15th – that mirrors the federal income tax deadline.”

“Vermont’s schools are going to be closed until the fall Jackson.”

“And it’s not a vacation!  Remote learning.  Remote teaching.”

“There’s no vaccine, there’s no definitive treatment.”

“And folks that are asymptomatic are still contagious!”

“We’ve heard that some people experience the loss of taste and smell early in the course of their illness.”

“Aroma likes that Nilla!”

“Skunks don’t deserve their bad reputation Nilla.” “Have to admit Aroma, that they can be pretty stinky.”

“Hydrochloroquine is being studied as a possible treatment in combination with zithromycin, but no one is sure that it will consistently work and there are side effects with both of these medications, some deadly.”

“Trump extended social distancing this week until April 30th.”

“Wonder if we’ll get another postcard Jackson?”

“The Ts projects are moving forward.  They selected a tile for the study and replacement for broken tiles in the master bathroom, as well as the guest bathroom.”

“They have also donated boxes of things including clothing to Goodwill.”

“Yes, it’s been a time of getting rid of clutter and discovery of things they had forgotten they had.”

“It’s a good thing Jackson – especially if they are going back to Ecuador in October.  Simplify things here first.”

“The most recent predictions are that Massachusetts will have a total of 47,000 to 172,000 CV-19 cases before we start to see the ‘end’ of the pandemic in the Commonwealth Nilla.”

“That’s a lot – do you think it will ever come to an ‘end’?

“Only with a vaccine. At least the FDA has approved the first CV-19 antibody test this week – another important step in containing the pandemic.”

“It was exceptional effort to have essential masks flown from China to Boston via the Kraft’s Patriot jet.”

“Emotional too!  A mask decontamination unit should be headed here in the next several weeks and is capable of sanitizing 80,000 masks a day!”

“This while Trump had to evoke the Defensive Production Act for the second time, this time against 3M.”

“Over one million cases reported globally by Thursday afternoon.”

“We’re together – faith, hope, thanks, love – unifying while separate Jackson.”

“Did you hear that residents on Cape Cod want to close the Sagamore and Bourne Bridges to all non-essential traffic.”

“Well, I understand why they’d like that – keep away people from Covid-19 infections.  And you do realize the Ts received a letter from Boothbay Harbor Board of Selectmen about the Harbor’s response to the pandemic, guidelines and restrictions.”

“Yes Nilla, if they do go to Maine to stay they’ll have to quarantine for fourteen days, that will take some planning.  They have projects to complete there too.”

“I guess we’ll just have to wait and see Jackson.”

“At least shopping by the end of the week was a little more successful.  Stores are limiting the number of people allowed inside at any given time.  Yes, the Ts were up early to take advantage of the ‘senior hours’.”

“Charlie Baker announced that Massachusetts will see a peak in CV-19 cases sometime between April 10th and April 20th.  The DCU Center in Worcester is being converted into a field hospital to accommodate those who still can’t return home because they need skilled care, this will relieve some of the burden the hospitals have had.”

“Through it all Nilla, keep faith, embrace hope, give thanks and love one another.”

“Amen Jackson.”

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