The Invasion – The New Normal – Chapter Five

04/10/2020 – 04/16/2020

“Numbers, numbers, numbers!  Personal protective gear, ventilators, testing, new cases, deaths, unemployment – every day the numbers Nilla!”

“I thought you liked numbers Jackson!”

“Not these!  Sacrifice, we are frail but resilient Nilla.”

“For the first time ever all the states have declared emergencies.”

“There’s no escaping it, it’s like a smothering blanket over the world, over our country.”

“Impacting absolutely everything!  The biggest decline in new real estate listings noted this week – a slump despite extraordinarily low mortgage rates.   A Lowell food mart/gasoline station is offering free gas to health care providers and first responders.”

“Every little expression of gratitude for those on the frontlines is appreciated.”

Blue lights across the Bridge Street Bridge, expressing thanks for the service of health care providers, essential workers and first responders.

“There are now over 2000 new cases in Ecuador.  I worry about Aventurero Jackson.”

“He’ll be okay.  His beach view video was fabulous.  At least the weather there is better than here.”

“Federal stock piles are depleted, MassPort continues to explore new ways to cut expenses as air traveler numbers plummet. And now we’re all supposed to wear masks!”

“Nilla, I can’t see!” “Jackson, I can’t smell!”


“Jackson, who’s that bear with the mask on?” “Ahh, that’s Dr. Sergio Bear, a surgeon, he always wears a mask.” “Trendy isn’t he?!”

“More field hospitals open – DCU in Worcester; the Boston Convention Center and soon others in western Massachusetts and Cape Cod.”

“What do you think about Florida’s refusal to close places of worship.”

“Dangerous decision Nilla.”

“The White House Covid-19 released the components for the re-opening of the country – three key points.”

“Yes, diagnostic tests, antibody tests and tracing.  Seems as though it will take a great deal more time beyond May 4th to accomplish all three.”

“Jackson, the White House also outlined the process for ‘re-opening’ – restaurants, places of worship, sports venues, theaters to open first with ‘social distancing’; school, non-essential travel and businesses would follow and then ‘vulnerable’ people can leave their homes observing ‘social distancing’ of course.”

“Not sure how exactly one would social distance in restaurant, theaters, places of worship and sports arenas.  We really need to reconsider drive-ins and perhaps buffets in restaurants – a self serve approach.”

“Takes away from the total experience though Jackson.  Would we still be wearing facial coverings?”

“How can you eat or drink with a mask on.  No popcorn or soda at the movies either Jackson.”

“You know, we’ll just have to wait and see, and be cautious!

“On the presidential campaign front, Sanders and Obama officially endorced Biden.”

“What did you expect?”

“Meanwhile, Governor Baker suspends the mandatory Massachusetts, Comprehensive Assessment System testing, another field hospital to open in the Commonwealth, on the campus of UMass Lowell, the U.S. Postal Service is running out of money, Apple and Google partner in a plan to assist with CV-19 tracing – voluntary measure for participants.”

“And assistance providing hazard pay for those on the frontline has been approved for Massachusetts workers.”

“The Massachusetts COVID-19 Relief Fund has raised more than $4 million dollars in the first week!

“That’s great news Nilla!”

“Several states in the northeast are looking at the ‘re-opening’ process – New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts.”

“It seems a bit too soon to me Nilla, especially that there have been over ten thousand deaths related to CV-19 in New York City.”

“The Ts continue to be busy with projects.  Looks like the face lift for the study is moving along nicely.”

“Looks like art work Jackson.”
“It’s the study floor where they had applied glue.”

They also enjoyed sunset social on Tuesday but the weather didn’t cooperate on Thursday.”


“Although the weather was perfect there were there no parades or celebrations for One Boston Day, April 15th, the seventh anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing.”

“No parades or celebrations either. How do you cheer while to wearing a facial covering?”

“NO tax filing either – the deadline extended to July.”

“The Ts went to the Harbor instead – just for the day, on Wednesday – stayed on the property.”

“Yes, Nilla, they wanted to open up the Seacorn, make sure that water service had resumed, and then returned right back to Massachusetts.”

“Jackson, they commented that it appeared as most all the shops were closed, as Governor Mills has mandated, but that there seemed to be a lot of road work being done in Maine – a good time to do it – very little traffic.  It was a nice day too”

“Nilla, did you hear that the printed stimulus checks are being delayed – Trump’s name is going to appear on them, the first time for any president.”

“I did.  Trump also withheld monies for the World Health Organization claiming they were not forthcoming about the contagion severity and could have spared many lives.”

“More blaming and sadly, the Payroll Protection Program ran out of money this week.  There’s been an outcry that some of the funds went to national chains – some have offered to give the money back.”

“Let’s conclude our post with something positive Nilla.  Benson and Hedges has announced that they have a vaccine that is ready for testing – the source, the genetically engineered tobacco plant!”

“That’s impressive.  A good use for the tobacco villain!”


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