The Invasion – The New Normal – Chapter Four

04/03/2020 – 04/09/2020

“Massachusetts CV-19 cases are rapidly rising as more testing sites open Nilla.  One opened in Lowell on Tuesday.  Lots of blaming going on between state and federal governments too.”

“Yes Jackson – more tests – that’s a good thing – one problem with this virus is that it goes incognito – the covert Covid-19!  The only way to make sure someone has it in those without symptoms is to test.  The other issue is that they don’t want to test anyone who’s not feeling ill – at least not yet.  When ?this is all over do you think state and federal governments will work together to coordinate efforts for future disasters like this one?”

“Don’t know.  We had some new recommendations this week.  Several scientists are suggesting people wear facial masks.  I thought the CDC said it wouldn’t make a difference – only those with symptoms should wear a mask.”

“That’s another problem Jackson, they don’t totally understand this virus yet.  People that recover have antibodies but do those antibodies protect against re-infection and if immune, what is the duration of that immunity?”

“There seems to be more questions than answers Nilla.”

“Let’s focus on the progress scientist have made.  You know that the University of Pittsburg announced on Friday that they have a vaccine, they tested it on laboratory animals and feel they are ready to initiate human trials.”

“That is good news!  And Massachusetts is going to begin a CV-19 tracing program.  They’re collaborating with Partners Health Care and plan to hire 1000 ‘tracers’.”

“That is progress but as long as there is no ‘testing on demand’, the value is somewhat limited.”

“The Ts had a text exchange with Tia Rosita.  She and her family are well.  They light a candle and offer prayer for the world every night at 8:00 PM.”

“We should do that too Jackson.”

“Yes, let’s.”


“You know, Bill Gates, five years ago, warned of a viral epidemic that could devastate the country – the world?”

“We should have listened.  The government’s stock pile was obsolete and in disrepair in some cases – that’s why the shortage of personal protective equipment and ventilators.”

“Who’s in charge of that stuff.”

“Don’t know Nilla.  But I’m sure in the future there will be accountability and preparedness.”

“Lessons to be learned for sure Jackson.”

“I just hope we do learn!”

“The Ts have had messages from friends, all checking in and so far healthy.”

“You do know that an extended family member of the Ts had CV-19, and had intensive antibiotic treatment for a related pneumonia.  Thankfully he’s fine now, just tired.”

“How are the hydroxychloroquine trials going?”

“Haven’t heard any updates yet Nilla.”

“Dr. Fauci predicts the country will not return to ‘normal’ as we knew it before this viral invasion, this microscopic monster!”

“In some ways that might be a good thing.  Better hygiene, supermarket isles one way only. And Fauci says that Americans should never shake hands again!”

“Everyone is trying to get involved and help any way they can – in our condominium building a couple made cloth masks for everyone to wear.”

“And Lauren Baker along with Eastern Bank have established the Massachusetts COVID-19 Relief Fund.  The Ts are going to contribute.”

“The Ts certainly have kept busy this past week – making haddock chowder, sharing it with friends, social distancing of course and painting the study.”

“I remember the Ts making fish chowder with dorado and sharing it when we were in San Clemente.”

“They’ve enjoyed their walks, they’ve enjoyed seeing families walking together, working on the lawns or playing games in their yards.”

“I almost forgot to mention one other important event this week Jackson, Senator Bernie Sanders’ announcement that he was suspending his campaign.”

“Another victim to the ‘new normal’.”

“Not entirely but it has definitely been a factor.”

“Joe Biden is most likely the democratic party nominee.”

“What will happen next?”

“Don’t know Nilla.  The White House Covid-19 task force is developing a framework for what ‘return to normal’ will look like.”

“Millions of Americans have filed for unemployment benefits – is any type of ‘normal’ in the future for them, for us?”

“This enemy has taken lives, freedoms and livelihoods.”

“The Red Cross is asking for blood donations from healthy donors and donors who have recovered from Covid-19.  There may be some promise of antibody positive plasma transfusion for treatment in those with severe symptoms.”

“The Ts don’t have any immediate plans to go to Maine, but the water/sewer service has resumed.”

“All this discussion about the ‘reopening’ criteria and process – there’s something missing – something our elected officials have yet to mention – the ability to easily purchase hand sanitizer, disinfectant, paper products, gloves and masks”

“Nilla, you forgot TRUST.”


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