The Invasion – The New Normal – Chapter Six

04/17/2020 – 04/23/2020

“More snow – this is ridiculous!”

“Snow, just enough to cause a mess – not enough to make snow people.”

“This has been an interesting week, Patriots’ Day April 20th and Earth Day April 22nd,  and officially April vacation week in Massachusetts.”

“No vacation for students this week – remote learning to continue.”

“Good news too – over $500 million designated to support vaccine development and manufacture of Moderna’s vaccine already in human trials in Seattle.”

“We need a vaccine – the data indicate that more than eighty percent of those placed on ventilators die.”

“That’s why there is such a celebration every time a patient is discharged from ICU.  A victory Jackson.”

“It’s not just the lungs that are impacted with this virus, but the brain, liver, kidneys and intestines.”

“Governor Baker signed a bill extending liability protection to health care personnel treating CV-19 patients during the crisis.”

“No one is really certain of the best way to treat these critically ill patients.  Multiple clinical trials are underway – essential to have some data to guide treatment decisions – how can you second guess choices in times like these?”

“We’re all in this together – I’m tired of hearing that!  I’m tired of hearing about virtual this and virtual that.  FaceTime is fake time.  ‘Virtual’ is like vitro verses vivo!!!  The re-runs of re-runs and runs!”

“Now Nilla, focus on how fortunate we are.  You must admit, the documentary about the Boston Marathon was interesting.  And just think how much you’ll appreciate being social again.  Patience!”

“I know Jackson, I’m just being honest and saying what’s on my mind.  Probably others are feeling the same way!  It’s especially bad when the weather is gloomy.  I think it’s called ‘quarantine fatigue’.”

“Yes, many others feel as you do.  Some states are considering easing the ‘stay at home’ order – Georgia, Tennessee and South Carolina.  There’s a lot of frustration, despair and fear yet about 58% are fearful that easing the restrictions will happen too soon.”

“Amidst all of this, remember we talked about the importance of CV-19 antibody testing as a criteria for the ‘re-opening’? Well, not all of these tests have been approved by the FDA and now the sensitivity and specificity of some of the rapid tests are being questioned.”

“That’s not good Nilla!  The tests need to be reliable.”

“The Patriots did take the opportunity to announce their new uniforms for the season – the familiar blue on blue that they had worn for ‘Color Rush’ in 2016 will now be the home uniform and a new white jersey to be worn for when away.”

“Mayor Marty Walsh requested that no one run the marathon course on Patriots’ Day but of course, there had to be a few that ran the route anyway.”

“So much for “We’re all in this together.”  ‘For every rule there is an exception and I’m the exception’ mentality Jackson.”

“Curfews continue in some communities and all adults and children aged five years and older are required to wear masks when they leave their homes.  Still we see some that don’t despite the risks.”

“Even cats can get CV-19, two cases confirmed today in New York – from two different barrios.”

“But there is NO evidence that the cats can transmit it to humans, probably the other way around and don’t forget the tiger that tested positive.”

“Let’s recap some good news, good news for those who are self-employed or independent contractors this week – in Massachusetts these folks will now qualify for unemployment entitlements.”

“That is good news.  Trump on the other hand this week signed an executive order temporarily suspending immigration.  Not sure how long temporary will be.”

“Food banks are asking for money rather than food donations at this point.  Apparently there is an abundance of some food stuffs and lack of others.  Donating money will allow food banks to buy needed items at wholesale prices and not overstock others.”

“That makes sense Nilla.  Another concern is the closure of some meat processing plants because of the increase in CV-19 cases.”

“The meat supply is not an issue here in Massachusetts though.”

“Because of the increase in CV-19 cases amongst patients and staff at Tewksbury Hospital, the National Guard has set up a command center there.  The field hospital at the recreation center at UMass Lowell has officially opened but no patients there yet.”

“Jackson, did you hear that the running of the bulls in Pamplona has been canceled this year?”

“Yes, that’s another positive one for this pandemic – could never understand why people engage in that sort of behavior.  Running in front of six bulls and risking being trampled or gored”

“Actually it’s not all that dangerous Jackson, it’s a custom.  If you had planned on running during the San Fermin Festival this July, you’d be disappointed.

“Talking about disappointed, Governor Baker officially announced that schools will not reopen this school year – remote learning to continue.  So difficult for high school seniors – no proms, no graduation.  As the Commonwealth heads towards the surge of the epidemic, New York will send 400 ventilators in case we need them.”

“The results of hydrocholorquine trials are disappointing, not a promising treatment or preventive option.”

“Back in February, a Harvard epidemiology professor said he did not believe the CV-19 was containable and than by next year thirty to forty percent of people globally will be infected – CV-19 may become the new ‘seasonal illness’.”

“Let’s hope he’s wrong!”

“Looks as though there will be another CV-19 relief package – $500 billion approved by the senate this week Nilla.”

“And, Gronk – do you believe it?!  He’s coming out of retirement to play with Brady as a Buccaneer!!”

“Jackson, don’t be ridiculous!”

“What about his CBD business – Abacus Products, and his contract as a commentator with Fox?”

“Don’t know.  More material for the sportscasters to talk about.”

“Not only that,  but the Red Sox learned their punishment for signal stealing during the 2018 season.  Oops.  It could have been worse Nilla.”

“Sock it to ’em Jackson.”

“And what did the Patriots do for their first round NFL draft pick?”

Traded of course!”

“Stay tuned for more finagling.”

“So what did you think about Trump’s suggestion of injecting or ingesting bleach or disinfectant to get rid of the virus Nilla?”

“Was he kidding?  Didn’t look that way – did you see the expressions on the faces of his advisors?”

“Let’s wait and see what he has to say about it tomorrow during his daily CV-19 briefing.”

“Stations for the most part, aren’t even broadcasting his reports live anymore.  Just numbers and political campaigning on what a great job he is doing.”

“On the brighter side, it was good to have FaceTime with Aventurero Nilla, despite what you think about FaceTime being “fake time.”

“It was good to see him, he’s still staying put in Ecuador.  The numbers of deaths and cases of CV-19 have been grossly under-reported, they’re just beginning to catch up now.”

“Looks like Ecuador could be the epicenter of CV-19 for Latin America.”

“On the home front, more progress on the study makeover.  The mirrors arrived and hung.  Looks good I think.”


“I agree, much more bright.”


“And the Ts were glad to be able to get Chinese food take-out from Sichuan Palace – it had been a long time.”

“And they were able to find hand sanitizer, made by Fabrizia Spirits in Salem New Hampshire.”

“Jackson, under NO circumstances should you drink or inject it – you’ll get drunk and your fur will turn white.” “Nilla, to you really think I’d do that? I’m not stupid!”

“So, another distillery making hand sanitizer, that’s a good thing Jackson.”

“Hey, guess what?”

“What Jackson.”

“Guess what’s in the long range forecast?”

“No, not again!!!

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